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The enemy of Excellence is imperfection. Naturally, ‘yan ang iisipin natin. The enemy of something is almost always its opposite, ‘di ba? And at face value, imperfection talaga ang kabaliktaran ng Excellence. I mean, paano ba naman magkakaroon ng imperfection kung walang excellence, right?
A few years ago, while reading through the many magazines I owned, nabasa ko ‘to: The enemy of Excellence is NOT imperfection. What!? But how can that be!? ‘Di ba nga ang kabaliktaran ng Excellence is imperfection? Paano nangyari na hindi pala yun ang enemy ng Excellence?
Think about it, though. Imperfection isn’t a virtue, and excellence is, so paano sila naging enemies? Kung hindi pala sila naglalaro sa parehong lugar, paano sila naging magkaaway? Fair enough, so what IS the opposite of Excellence? What is the enemy of Excellence?


Turns out, the enemy of Excellence is GOOD! 
Boom, mind-blown! Pero why? Bakit good? ‘di ba, being good is good? Masama ba ang good?
No, hindi masama ang pagiging good. In fact, by all means be good, in your performance, in your morals, in your etiquette, et cetera and et cetera. But the thing with being good is that it stays good. Once na reach na nya yung level na maganda na, titigil na sya. Excellence is being the best, but being good only gets you to a level that’s enough. Kaya nga good enough eh!
There’s this Tyranny of the Good plaguing the world ever since the dawn of time, and because it’s all about being good enough, hindi na siya nagiging excellent, nagiging best!
So the enemy of Excellence is Good! Question is: Are you being Good, or are you being Excellent? Your results will tell the difference.